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All girl pop group The Vanillas certainly have more than one flavour in their pocket and combine them all to deliver melodic pop music for the soul. Based in Germany but borne from diverse cultures, they continue to make a statement in the music industry.


The Vanillas consist of two strong independent women Dani and Stella, and are no made-for-TV pop amalgamation. They are both singer songwriters in their own right, laying down original tracks with intoxicating harmonies that are creating instant memories for their audiences. Their combined cultural heritage of Cuba, Colombia and Croatia adds spice to the group as they explore their influences to produce songs that are uniquely their own.


Their love of Lofi, 80s inspired synthesizers and disco as well as acts like Timbaland have all made their way on to their sonic canvas. Individual, heartfelt, honest and true, The Vanillas are sharing the love in the only way they know how. Giving women the world over the strength to rise above their challenges and become the person they want to be.


Releasing their first album "Is This Song About Me?"  The Vanillas are breaking new ground with everything they do. With a new single that just dropped called ‘Charlie's Angels, LLC’, the group are once again embarking on a musical adventure which will build on their brilliant career so far.

"Fall in love with the all-girl concept once again and taste the glorious flavours of The Vanillas.".  

Jay B McCauley

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